Sachs Says Farewell to Western Show


National Cable & Telecommunications Association president and CEO Robert Sachs saluted the 36th and final Western Show at a general session in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday.

"I’ve had the chance to reflect a little on the Western Show, its rich tradition, and its contribution to our industry," he said.

"Whether in Los Angeles or Anaheim -- and in its early days at the Disneyland Hotel -- the Western Show has complemented the National Show as one of cable’s two premier annual events, where we’ve met to conduct business, exchange information and even party, occasionally," Sachs added. "Bonds like these unite us as an industry and will continue to unite us wherever we meet."

He continued, "Along with many of you, I feel real nostalgia about the conclusion of this great convention. But our industry is rapidly changing and it embraces change. Ours is a dynamic business, and that’s what has always enabled us to grow and prosper."

On new technology, Sachs said, "Talk about an industry being on fast-forward: Cable’s had the best ride anyone’s ever had at Disneyland. And with HDTV, video-on-demand, [personal video recorders] and voice over [Internet protocol] being rolled out, our future prospects are equally bright."

As for the Western Show’s CableNET tech portion, he added, "Beginning next May, CableLabs [Cable Television Laboratories Inc.] will make the National Show the new home of its advanced technology exhibit. But we also intend to bring CableNET back to the West Coast. I’m pleased to tell you that the NCTA will bring the National Show to San Francisco in 2005. And in 2007, we will travel west to Las Vegas."