SAG OKs Hike for Voice Actors

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The national board of the Screen Actors Guild unanimously approved a new contract for voice actors in basic-cable animated shows that will give those performers a 20% increase in residuals.

The agreement provides greater compensation across the typical run of a cartoon program: an episode debut, plus 25 reruns. The most popular cartoons may appear 100 times or more during a year, so the new residual formula potentially represents a substantial improvement in income for union members, according to SAG.

The new contract is retroactive to the beginning of this year and covers work with producers such as Walt Disney Pictures & Television, Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios through June 30, 2008.

The minimum for a voice performer is currently $716 for a four-hour session. The first rerun will earn the performer 17% of the initial fee, scaling down to 1.5% of the minimum fee for the 13th through the 25th run.