Samba TV, SpotX Team on Targeted Ads for OTT

SpotX also on board as Samba TV’s ‘primary’ connected TV ad server

Samba TV, a company focused on audience-based advertising, said it has teamed up with video ad serving platform SpotX to create custom audience targeting and segmentation for video ads delivered across the web, apps and connected TVs.

Under the deal, SpotX will also become Samba TV’s primary connected TV ad server.

Samba said its proprietary TV viewership data will be available via SpotX’s ad serving platform, and that more than 50 publishers will offer this data set with more expected to come on board over the next six months.

Samba TV’s publishing partners include A&E, Fox News, History, Lifetime, and Outdoor Life, among others.

"Our partnership brings over 2,500 attributes to 200M connected TV impressions a month, allowing advertisers to address audiences across a very wide range of premium publishers with a combined reach of 35M households,” Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV, said in a statement. “ That scale is complemented with precision so that marketers can narrow their targeting to specific audiences with confirmed purchase data in order to drive their real-time bidding.”