Sandy Smacks Cable, Telco Networks

Cablevision, Verizon and Others Hit by Power Outages, Flooding After 'Superstorm'

Cable operators and telephone companies in the Northeast were working overtime Tuesday to restore service in some areas after Hurricane Sandy -- the biggest storm to hit the region in recorded history -- caused widespread power outages and significant coastal flooding.

Cablevision Systems, whose entire New York area footprint was in Sandy’s path, said it was experiencing “widespread service interruptions, primarily related to the loss of power.”

“Where conditions allow, Cablevision crews are in the field and are working around-the-clock to restore Optimum TV, phone and Internet service, in close coordination with local utilities,” spokesman Jim Maiella said in an email.

The MSO is providing updates for customers at

Time Warner Cable was not reporting any “significant impact to our infrastructure” from the storm as of Tuesday morning, spokesman Alex Dudley said. “That said, anyone without power is without cable because of that,” he added. TWC is providing more info via

Verizon Communications said two of its critical switching centers in Manhattan were “severely affected due to flooding and power outage issues,” spokesman Bill Kula said.

The storm flooded the lobby of Verizon's corporate headquarters at 140 West Street in Lower Manhattan (pictured above, in a photo taken at 9 p.m. Eastern on Monday).

“We're doing a lot of assessing about the overall storm impact damage,” Kula said.

Verizon is providing customer updates on the storm recovery at

According to the telco, the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy also flooded central offices in Queens and Long Island causing power failures and rendering backup power systems at those sites inoperable. Customers served by those COs have lost all services including FiOS, high-speed Internet and phone services. Verizon did not immediately have an estimate of the number of customers affected by the storm damage.

Comcast said it appeared that most issues for customers in affected service areas are "directly related to commercial power outages, and for the majority of people, their Comcast service should be restored as power comes back on to their homes," spokeswoman Jenni Moyer said.

For the time being, Comcast is opening its Wi-Fi hotspots along the East Coast for everyone to use for no additional charge.