Sapan’s ‘Discarded Art’ to Benefit Cable Positive


An online art auction of pieces from Joshua Sapan’s “discarded art” collection, salvaged from the streets of New York and other places, is under way to benefit Cable Positive.

Sapan and Chelsea Marketeers, the eBay online selling firm run by Cable Positive co-founder Jeff Bernstein, launched the auction on Saturday, Dec. 1, which was World AIDS Day. It runs until Saturday, Dec. 22, and all proceeds go to Cable Positive, the HIV AIDS awareness organization.

Sapan also has donated pieces to the Atlanta chapter of Cable Postive’s annual art auction, the organization said.

For more on the event, see the auction Web site. On Monday afternoon, the site listed 128 items for auction, mostly oil painting portraits with a suggested minimum bid of $49.

Cable Positive is now a registered non-profit organization on the online auction site Ebay, and because Chelsea Marketeers will be absorbing all of the administrative costs, all profits raised from the sale of any merchandise, tickets and experiences will be used to support Cable Positive’s AIDS awareness efforts nationwide, the organization explained.

By registering with MissionFish, Ebay’s non-profit coordinating company, Cable Positive also will benefit from from individuals selling on eBay who wish to donate a portion of their proceeds—greatly expanding the reach of the organization into the consumer marketplace.

The artwork Sapan retrieves comes from a variety of spots around New York City, from sidewalks, to yard sales, to art school discard bins. His personal passion of collecting discarded art has led him to amass hundreds of gems, from Yard Art to antique collectibles. For more on the collection, see