Satellite Tops Cable In Customer Satisfaction: Survey


Direct broadcast satellite customers are more satisfied with their providers than are cable subscribers, according to a DBS satisfaction survey released Tuesday by Beta Research Corp., a Syosset, N.Y. market research firm.

Comparing satisfaction numbers from the Fall 2007 digital cable subscribers survey to the satisfaction results for DBS in this survey, Beta determined that 71% of DBS customers are very satisfied with their provider, compared to 62% of digital cable customers. Additionally, 66% of DBS customers said they would definitely continue their satellite subscription, compared to 45% of cable subscribers.

The survey was based on 700 telephone interviews with a sample of Echostar (Dish Network) and DirecTV customers conducted in March. That sample included 600 adults and 100 teens.

DBS users were also queried on their favorite and most-desired networks. Discovery Channel was named by 70% of respondents as the network that is most important to their enjoyment of satellite-delivered TV. The next highest network, History Channel, was named by 59%.

Among the mid-sized or emerging networks, National Geographic Channel was named by 49% or respondents, followed by Fox Movie Channel with 38%.

When only men 18 years of age and older were asked, they ranked Nat Geo most important. Women in the same demo gave the nod to Lifetime Movie Network while teens 12- to 17-years-old named the NFL Network.