Satmex Seeks U.S. Partners

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Anaheim, Calif. -- Latin American satellite-TV distributor Satmex S.A. de
C.V. wants to deliver more than one-dozen television networks from throughout
Latin America to viewers in the United States, and it wants cable affiliates,
officials said here Wednesday.

The target audience: 34 million Latin Americans living in the United States
who want to watch local news and sporting events and remain in touch with their
communities back home.

The Satmex 6 satellite, scheduled to launch in the spring of 2003, would
deliver the service. The satellite will have complete coverage of the United
States and all of Latin America, with both C-band and Ku-band capabilities.

Satmex has an agreement with Crawford Communications Inc. in Atlanta to use
transmission facilities to distribute the programming to its U.S. counterparts.
Crawford currently originates more than 25 networks from its teleport, including
Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Travel Channel.