SBC Announces New DSL Tiers


Digital subscriber line customers in SBC Communications Inc. territories will
be choosing from a new set of speeds and prices this fall.

The Baby Bell announced today it has retooled its DSL offerings to include
five speed levels, ranging from an entry level package offering up to 384
kilobits per second downstream, 128 kbps upstream with one dynamic IP address to
high-end service offering between 1.5 Megabits per second and 6 Mbps downstream,
384 kbps upstream connection with five static IP addresses.

Pricing details will be announced this fall when the service rolls out.

'This new suite of DSL Internet access speeds reflects SBC's commitment to
mainstream broadband by providing our customers with the most compelling and
comprehensive high-speed DSL Internet choices,' said Ray Wilkins, group
president, SBC sales and marketing.

'For consumers and businesses, SBC Internet Services has a speed to meet
virtually every need, every budget and every application.'