SBC to Launch VoIP


SBC Communications Inc. will launch a residential voice-over-Internet-protocol service early next year, the regional Bell operating company said Tuesday.

The company is currently testing its VoIP service in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and San Antonio.

SBC said its service will use IP technology and a digital-subscriber-line Internet connection to deliver voice calling and other enhanced features, such as a Web-based portal and advanced call-management capabilities.

“When we fully launch our service early next year, consumers will be able to choose between traditional and traditional-plus-next-generation voice services from SBC companies,” SBC chief operating officer Randall Stephenson said in a prepared statement.

Residential VoIP is an important emerging technology and, with our industry-leading base of DSL customers and our ability to integrate wireline- and wireless-communications services in new ways, we’re committed to playing a leading role in this growth market, just as we have in the business VoIP market,” he added.