SBC Says Maybe to Video


SBC Communications Inc. said it will begin testing an Internet protocol-based delivery of Microsoft TV DTV services over fiber that could presage a further rollout of the technology, pending regulatory changes.

“Pending final clarity on applicable regulatory requirements and successful completion of neighborhood-level trials, which begin this summer, the SBC strategy could result in an incremental investment of $4 billion to $6 billion over five years to deploy the network and make advanced services available to millions of customers in the SBC service territory,” the company said.

At the SuperComm conference in Chicago, Microsoft was demonstrating TV over Internet-protocol networks with Juniper Networks, Lucent Technologies Inc. and Tandberg Television.
Tandberg was supplying its EN5920 real-time hardware encoder to encode content in Windows Media 9. Microsoft demonstrated interoperability with Juniper Networks’ E-series routing platform. Lucent supplied its Stinger IP-enabled digital subscriber line access multiplexer and CellPipe ADSL2+ modem.
SBC said the Microsoft test would cover standard and high definition programming, switched-broadcast video technology, video-on-demand, digital video recorders and multimedia interactive program guides.
In other telco video news, Myrio Corp. announced Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc. will deploy its IP Video Platform to its 30,000 subscribers in 30 counties in Oklahoma.
Pioneer said it will offer bundled video, voice and data services, including DTV and pay-per-view, this summer.