SBCA Frets A La Carte Impact, Too


The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association wants Congress to keep important industry legislation free of cable a la carte issues.

SBCA president Richard DalBello issued a statement last Monday indicating a la carte provisions might accompany the legislation and perhaps create obstacles to passage.

“While I agree that issues such as a la carte pricing and indecency standards deserve discussion, they should be debated separately,” DalBello said.

Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.) wants to add “voluntary” a la carte language to a bill extending the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act for another five years.

Deal might be required by House rules to limit his amendment to the satellite industry, a procedural victory for a nervous cable industry.

The satellite-TV trade group’s chief is concerned that a fight over a la carte might deflect attention away from the SHVIA bill, which needs to pass before the end of the year to prevent key provisions from sunsetting.

“Our licenses expire Dec. 31 of this year and Congress must address this bill before then,” DalBello said.