SBCA Says Cable Monopoly Continues


Alexandria, Va. -- The Satellite Broadcasting &
Communications Association said last week that cable television continues to have market
power over the multichannel-video industry, despite a three-point slip in its market

In comments filed with the Federal Communications
Commission for its annual assessment of video-programming competition, the SBCA noted that
overall direct-to-home satellite penetration has increased to 11.86 million U.S. homes.

But SBCA president Chuck Hewitt rejected previous comments
filed by the National Cable Television Association saying, "Cable's market power
in video is a thing of the past."

"Cable's 82 percent market share is still the
definition of a monopoly," Hewitt said in a press release.

The SBCA called for changes in outmoded rules and
regulations that could give satellite a better chance of competing with cable.

The association has asked the FCC for a stronger commitment
to program access, equitable copyright policies and protection from interference from
Ku-band spectrum-sharing proposals.