SCBA Becomes the ACA

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Washington -- The Small Cable Business Association
announced last Monday (April 28) that it has adopted a new name: the American Cable

Matt Polka, president of the ACA, said a name change was
necessary for two reasons.

First, the SCBA was constantly being confused with the SBCA
(Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association), the trade group that represents
direct-broadcast satellite companies EchoStar Communications Corp. and DirecTV Inc.

"It created incredible confusion for us," Polka

Second, the word "small" in the SCBA's name
had become a hindrance in recruiting new members that didn't consider themselves
small businesses.

"That has certainly been a problem. They perceived
themselves to be bigger companies," Polka said.

The ACA has 280 members that serve about 2.3 million
subscribers, but Polka declined to speculate on the number of new members that the
association would recruit as a result of the name change.

David Kinley, president of SunTel Communications LLC and a
past SCBA president, said he hoped that the name change would also highlight the fact that
the ACA is solely dedicated to the needs of cable-system operators, and not programmers.