Schleiff Keeps Up Cameras-in-Courtroom Fight


Courtroom Television Network chairman and CEO Henry Schleiff sent a letter to each of the Supreme Court justices asking that they consider permitting the public proceedings of the court to be televised.

"Next spring, Court TV will be participating in the national commemoration of the 50th
anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Brown vs. Board of Education
," Schleiff wrote.

"One can’t help but think back to the eloquent and successful argument made to the court at that time by future Justice Thurgood Marshall," he added. "If today’s technology had existed in 1954, would it really have hurt the nation for the American people to have been able to watch?"

All 50 states currently allow cameras in some courts, while 38 allow them in criminal courts.

The Supreme Court audiotapes its public proceedings, and it has released several of those tapes on a delayed basis, beginning with the case of the 2000 presidential election.