Sci Fi Channel Launches Consumer Gaming Site


Sci Fi Channel Thursday announced the launch of Fidgit, a new consumer entertainment and gaming site that will review games, cover industry trends and provide commentary and analysis of the gaming industry.

Network officials said Fidgit will deliver content that is “surprising, fun and factual while maintaining an objective point of view.” It will be written with the attitude and language of gamers and, according to Sci Fi, represents the latest extension of the network’s brand following the success of DVICE,’s tech site.

News of game makers and the latest games will be reported on, along with game strategies, market trends, conferences and luminaries including players and designers as well as game hacks, virtual “easter eggs” and cheats. 

Tom Chick, who has been writing professionally for over fifteen years about the videogaming industry for numerous sites and publications, will be Fidgit’s content editor.

Fidgit will create a gallery of images, some of which will be submitted by readers, and will feature screen grabs, player photos, player dress-ups, products and accessories. It will also publish a weekly newsletter recapping the week’s news along with in-depth articles.