Sci Fi Starts The 'Revolution'


Sci Fi has given the okay to a two-hour drama pilot entitled Revolution,

Akin to the action that took place on these shores more than 230 years ago, Revolution is a sweeping story of ‘New America,’ a distant colony on an Earth-like planet seeking its independence from an increasingly hostile motherland.

The pilot, from CBS Paramount Network Television, is slated to begin production in January. If it is picked up, the show could appear on Sci Fi’s air next summer, according to network officials.

Revolution marks the second pilot order for the network as Sci Fi last week gave the okay for Earthlings, a comedy about three humanoid aliens stranded in middle America, from Fox Television Studios. Similarly, if the program passes muster, it could surface on Sci Fi next summer.

The network also made news earlier this week with its off-network acquisition, in concert with G4, of ABC hit serial Lost.

Revolution centers on the Hart family – one of the founding families of New America, where Tom, a former military man turned industrialist, is the patriarch. He faces mounting pressure from the government to up the colonists’ tax burden. His two sons have struggles of their own with, one rebelling against his industrialist grandfather and the old America, the other is more radical and leaning toward revolution. Their 16 year-old sister, meanwhile, is trying to find her way in this world. Meanwhile, the loca governor is torn between her allegiance to the colony and her desire for peace, as an ambitious, young bureaucrat wants to bring the colony back under control.

Revolution is created and written by Ed Redlich (Shark, Without a Trace) and John Bellucci (Jack and Bobby, Without a Trace) both of whom will serve as executive producers, along with executive producer Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Keen Eddie), and co-executive producer Jib Polhemus for Simon West Productions. 

“’Revolution’ is a powerful drama with all of the key emotional elements,” said Mark Stern, Sci Fi executive vice president of original programming Mark Stern in a statement.

“There are power struggles, love stories, rebellions, victories, great sacrifices plus thrills and action. Ultimately, it’s a story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and the heroes that emerge even in the most trying of times.”