Science Channel Invents Futuristic Fare


Science Channel is exposing viewers to a full array of scientific topics ranging from string theory and futuristic cities to accidental discoveries and outrageous inventions, officials said Tuesday.

The network’s 2008–2009 upfront slate will chronicle the cause and effect, the trials and errors, and the “Eureka” moments—sometimes born out of errors—that only science can deliver.

The highlights of Science Channel’s 2008 – 2009 upfront schedule include the following series: Deconstructed, a program that explains the inner workings of commonplace objects, such as hard-disk drives, microwave ovens and televisions; Patent Bending, where three hosts scour books of patents from the past 100 years to find the greatest, strangest or wackiest ideas that never got off the page; and Danger Man, which replicates the extraordinary stunts performed by daredevils, stuntmen and showmen as the show’s host deconstructs the scientific principles that make the most amazing feats possible.

The network also has a long list of specials on tap, including: 100 Things That Will Change Your Life, a six-hour event that shows viewers’ top 100 projects, people and places that may be under the radar today, but will be on the radar tomorrow; Stephen Hawkings’s Theory of Everything, where Professor Hawking examines just how far our understanding of the universe has developed, and introduces science ideas unimagined 20 years ago; and Black Holes, one of space’s great mysteries, this new show features the latest research into this amazing phenomenon.