Science Premieres Special To Commemorate Shuttle's Final Flight

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Science is celebrating the final flight of the NASA Space Shuttle program with a special on Friday night.
One year in the making, Last Shuttle: Our Journey is an all-access film that showcases same-day footage of the July 8 launch, filmed at the Kennedy Space Center. Premiering at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), Last Shuttle comes 30 years after the first launch, with the finale voyage culminating with Atlantis joining the fleet's other three vessels in retirement immediately following touchdown.
The special also includes interviews with key players in the NASA Space Shuttle program, including the four crew members of the last Atlantis flight: mission specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim, as well as commander Chris Ferguson and pilot Doug Hurley.

Moreover, it incorporates conversations with captain Bob Crippen, the celebrated pilot of the first ever shuttle mission, Columbia in 1981; as well as Jerry Sheehan, director of orbiter engineering at Boeing.