Scripps Eyes Hispanic Niche Nets


Hoping to claim a share of the Hispanic television market, Scripps Networks
is looking to create Spanish-language versions of its Home & Garden
Television and Food Network.

The Hispanic initiative by Scripps -- the cable-programming unit of
TV-station and newspaper owner E.W. Scripps Co. -- is in the very early stages
of development.

But Scripps officials said they're serious about their desire to launch
so-called category cable networks with original programming tailored and
targeted directly to Hispanic viewers and their cultural sensibilities.

Any Hispanic network created by Scripps would not just be a Spanish-language
translation of one of its English-language channels, but a totally new,
stand-alone service, company officials said.

'We have strong feelings -- based on demographics, psychographics and buying
patterns at Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse and Home Depot -- that there
really is a need for a Hispanic version of our services, both Home & Garden
and Food,' E.W. Scripps CEO Ken Lowe said.

'But they truly need to be Hispanic versions,' he added. 'The company is
definitely committed to move that way. We have a lot of television stations and
newspapers in markets where we'll be testing some of the concepts, too.'

E.W. Scripps' media empire includes 21 newspapers and 10 TV stations, with a
number of them in markets with large Hispanic populations, such as Corpus
Christi, Texas; Denver; Phoenix; Tampa and Palm Beach, Fla.; and Albuquerque,

Scripps Networks currently includes HGTV, Food and Do It Yourself. Despite
the tough ad market and a ruptured economy, Scripps has vowed to expand its
cable stable. It will roll out Fine Living, a luxury-lifestyle service, next