SCTE Has a Job Site to See


Cable engineers searching for work these days are going online — and some of them might even find their next paycheck overseas.

Demand for online job information has prompted the Society of Cable Television Engineers to revamp its Web site, expanding its job-information resources to include detailed search engines, job notification and resume-posting services.

"With the cutbacks, the membership interest and demand for the SCTE job bank has definitely increased dramatically over the last two years," SCTE CEO John Clark said. "Therefore, we have really tried to beef up the job bank area of our member services."

Faced with a drought in U.S. cable jobs, many cable engineers are finding better pickings by using their passports.

"I have been surprised at the continued level of opportunities in the international marketplace," said Clark, who himself worked in New Zealand in 1995. "I'm surprised that there is still as much demand for U.S. technology people overseas.

"I had expected that six years or so later than the initial rush, it would have faded, but it still seems strong."

The outlook for cable-industry tech jobs is still anyone's guess, said Clark.

"My expectations are that that will just be tied to the economy overall, and the industry economy overall, and I'm sure everyone has a unique outlook as to what that might look like," Clark said.