SCTE Sets Coursework Schedule

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The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers has announced a series of
13 conferences across eight different technology issues for cable engineers in
the first half of 2003.

The sessions are:

\u0007 Broadband Telephony, Feb. 11 through 14 in Jackson, Miss., and April 8
through 11 in Minneapolis;

\u0007 Digital Basics and High-Speed Data, Feb. 18 through 20 in Exton, Pa. (at
SCTE headquarters);

\u0007 Coaxial Cable in the HFC Plant, Feb. 24 through 26 in Memphis, Tenn.;

\u0007 Optical Fiber in the HFC Plant, Feb. 26 through 28 in Memphis and June 4
through 6 in St. Louis;

\u0007 Return Path, March 25 through 27 in Omaha, Neb.; June 24 through 26 in
Westborough, Mass.; and July 8 through 10 in Indianapolis;

Cable 101, March 31 in Madison, Wis.;

\u0007 Digital Basics and DOCSIS Fundamentals, April 1 through 3 in Madison;

\u0007 DOCSIS Systems, June 2 through 3 in St. Louis and July 23 through 24 in
Richmond, Va.