Se; TV Launches Multiplatform Effort Highlighting Latino Leaders


Capitalizing on the growing clout of Latinos in the U.S., English-language youth network Sí TV this week will launch multiplatform initiative Take the Lead, which highlights the achievements of Latino leaders in several professional fields including politics, entertainment, business, community affairs and journalism.

The first phase of the effort includes a series of interstitials featuring Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and comedian Carlos Mencia, host of Comedy Central series Mind of Mencia. A second phase, to kick off early January and run throughout 2009, will include a microsite within the Sí TV Web site and a series of grass root events.

The initiative comes on the heels of mun2’s launch this year of the Mun2 Hook-Up, a show promising to hook up young, aspiring Latinos with a prominent Hispanic in their field of interest.

Unlike previous efforts, Sí TV’s latest initiative plans to go beyond a television show. “Take the Lead is not confined to the television screen,” said Sí TV CEO Michael Schwimmer.

In addition to the series of short-form programming, profiles of leaders will be available on a special section of Sí TV’s Web site, which plans to become a resource for links to career advice, internship opportunities and jobs for Latino youths.

The U.S. Army has signed up as a sponsor of the initiative, and Schwimmer is confident more companies will come on board soon.

“Advertisers are trying to build a bridge to reach these young audiences,” Schwimmer said. “This is an ideal platform for a brand to raise awareness.”