SeaChange Pushes Software For VOD Anywhere


SeaChange International is pitching software to let service providers manage the way they deliver video across cable, Internet and wireless networks, to any end device.

The company's universal session resource manager (uSRM) will let operators guarantee quality of service across access, aggregation and edge networks for cable, Internet Protocol and wireless delivery of video.

Initially, the software will support IP-based networks. SeaChange vice president of products Bang Chang said the company is developing support for cable edge QAMs, expected to be available sometime in the third quarter.

"We're putting in our expertise to enhance the software to manage cable networks as well," Chang said. The cable version will work with Comcast's Next Generation on Demand or Time Warner Cable's Interactive Services Architecture interfaces.

The SeaChange uSRM provides per-session and per-subscriber quality-of-service guarantees with policies based on business rules. The software resides between the transport network and applications.

The company will sell the uSRM capability on a per-stream basis as part of SeaChange's Axiom on Demand video-on-demand platform. The product is based on software SeaChange licensed from NetSocket, a network management vendor. NetSocket obtained the software through the acquisition last year of Operax, a Swedish developer of resource-management software.

The uSRM software will compete with network management products from Camiant, Cisco Systems and Motorola.