SeaChange, Visible World Team Up


SeaChange International Inc. announced Thursday that it's partnering with
Visible World Inc. to enable cable systems to carry targeted advertising.

SeaChange said it will help to make targeted ad sales a more widespread
opportunity for cable operators on every current SeaChange video-server
platform, including ad insertion, video-on-demand and broadcast.

Unlike other targeted-advertising ventures that focus on targeted-ad
delivery, this one will also concentrate on ad creation, Visible World president
Seth Haberman said in a prepared statement.

Visible World -- a technology-service company formed in February 2000 and
funded by such major ad agencies as WPP Group plc and Grey Advertising Ventures,
as well as news-wire service Reuters -- will concentrate on the creative needs
of advertisers.

As part of its announcement, SeaChange said it has been issued a warrant to
purchase shares of Visible World's capital stock representing a
minority-ownership position.

The combination of the two companies' expertise will enable the creation of
'thousands of versions of a single commercial, each one customized in message,
look and feel' and delivered to individual cable homes, the companies said in
their announcement.