Secrets of Success

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Successful salespeople are indispensable to their clients. That is the assessment of Warren Greshes, author of The Best Damn Sales Book Ever.

“I’ve done a lot of work with salespeople in the cable TV advertising business,” he wrote on his “Many of their clients are local small businesses. These are the kind of businesses that don’t have an ad agency representing them and are not big enough to have their own advertising or marketing department. The most successful cable TV advertising salespeople don’t just sell ads to these businesses; they lend their knowledge and expertise to these clients while acting as the client’s advertising and marketing consultant,” he said.

Before even meeting with a potential or even existing client, successful salepeople will first find out everything they can about their client’s business. Then, rather than just selling them an ad or series of ads, they help the client formulate an advertising and marketing plan designed to help them get the biggest bang for their ad dollar and, consequently, increase the client’s business, Greshes wrote.

Not only does the salesperson make himself or herself indispensable, “it gives the client the wherewithal to buy even more from you. Talk about a win-win,” he wrote.