Sen. Heller Seeks Cost-Benefit Review Of Net Neutrality Regs

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Senate Commerce Committee member Dean Heller(R-NV) has formally requested that the FCC review its network neutrality reg order in light of President Barack Obaman's directive to independent agencies, including the commission, on reviewing burdensome regs.

Obama made clear in the July 11 executive order that he expects independent agencies to publicize a plan to do a cost-benefit analysis of regulations and their impact on jobs and the economy.

In a letter to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, Heller applauds that effort and says since the network neutrality regs were approved without a market power analysis it is ripe for review.

"It is important to understand the implications of the FCC's net neutrality order and its impact on jobs. Over the last fifteen years, we have all witnessed an explosive growth in innovation and investment in infrastructure," wrote Heller, according to a copy of the letter supplied by his office. "Before this rule goes into effect, it is imperative that we fully understand the impact this regulation will have on our economy. Failure to fully understand the cost benefits [Sic] of this rule could slow our economic recovery and harm job creation."

He wants the FCC to conduct a cost-benefit analysis on the rules, and if not, to give him the reason why. Either way, he asked for an answer within two weeks of the letter, dated July 12.

The network neutrality rule changes were adopted last December, but won't go into effect until October at the earliest because of various Paperwork Reduction Act comment deadlines and the FCC's decision to make the effective date 60 days beyond the final paperwork sign-off, which won't come until sometime in August at the earliest.