Sen. Warner Wants More Info on Election Cybersecurity

Seeks disclosure of states that were targeted

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has asked Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly for more information on the scope of Russian attempts to hack into U.S. election systems, saying the public should not be in the dark about the "scope and breadth" of cyberattacks.

Warner's request comes the day before the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which he is vice chairman, is holding a hearing on "U.S. Election Security: Russian Interventions and the Outlook for 2018 and Beyond."

Warner argues that boosting cyber defenses and educating the public about the dangers of such hacks are paramount.

"I therefore urge you to work closely with state and local election officials to disclose publicly which states were targeted, to ensure that they are fully aware of the threat, and to make certain that their cyber defenses are able to neutralize this danger," he wrote to Kelly.

Warner said the good news was that the attempted hacking of voting systems did not appear to have been successful; the bad news is that there will almost certainly be more attempts.