Sept. Week to Remember for Cable


Cable stacked up its highest-ever primetime weekly share, a 55.6, for a
September reporting period, according to the Cabletelevision Advertising

Cable’s household share was up 2.4 points, an increase of 4.5%, for the week
of Sept. 1-7 compared with the same period a year ago, according to a CAB
analysis of Nielsen Media Research data. In fact, cable’s share was 18.1 points
more than the seven broadcast networks, which had a 37.5 share combined.

In other audience measures for the week, cable’s delivery was nearly 35
million homes, up 6.1%, or 11.4 million more homes than the broadcasters; and it
posted a rating of 32.3, up 4.5%, 10.2 more points than the