Set-Top VOD Ad Views Surging

Rate of growth outpaces VOD ad views on other platforms, FreeWheel study says
Freewheel q3 2016 chart 400x300.jpg

Though viewing trends continue to shift to mobile and specialized OTT devices, the set-top box is experiencing a bit of a renaissance with respect to VOD ad views, according to a new study from FreeWheel, the Comcast-owned online ad-tech company.

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Growth in set-top VOD ad views, for programmers that have enabled dynamic ad insertion, rocketed 103% year-over-year, and a share of 16%, per FreeWheel’s Q3 Video Monetization Report, which based its findings on more than 47 billion video views in the period.

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Desktop/laptops held the largest share of online VOD ad views, at 36% and up 11% YoY, while showing more signs of leveling out,  followed by OTT devices (22%, up 63% YoY), set-top VOD, smartphones (17%, up 39%), and tablets (9%, up 15% YoY).

Overall, ad views rose 28% YoY, while video views climbed 37%, driven by greater consumption of short-form video, FreeWheel said.  Short-form content rose 31% in the period due in part to news clip viewing tied to the U.S. election

Driven by news coverage and the Rio Olympics, live content  rose 60% YoY, versus a rise of 18% for long-form VOD (20 minutes or more), and 31% for short-form VOD (less than five minutes).

The Summer Games also helped the share of ad views from authenticated (TV Everywhere) viewing for long-form and live content to again reach a peak of 72%, the same high-water mark achieved in Q1 2016.