Several Nets Excel in Beta Study


In its latest report on consumers' perceptions of cable networks, Beta
Research Corp. announced Wednesday that 71 percent of viewers surveyed put
Discovery Channel first in terms of 'having original programs/series.'

Discovery also tied for first with MTV: Music Television (54 percent) as
being 'bold/tries new things.'

MSNBC had the most viewers (24 percent) indicating that they had visited its
Web site during the past 30 days, according to Beta. All told, 43 percent of
Internet users said they had visited at least one cable-network site in that
time span, up from 39 percent a year ago, Beta added.

The research firm's study on programmers' various brand attributes also
reported that most consumers (91 percent) cited The History Channel as

When it came to networks perceived as 'fun' and 'entertaining,' Disney
Channel ranked No. 1 in the former category among 69 percent of those polled,
and Animal Planet in the latter among 86 percent.

Food Network, meanwhile, was tops in having 'hosts/on-air personalities
viewers like,' according to 57 percent of those surveyed by Beta.

Beta's random telephone survey of 600 cable subscribers was done in January.
All told, 36 cable networks with at least 35 million subscribers were

Discovery Networks U.S. and A&E Television Networks were the quickest to
react to Beta's newest findings.

Separate press releases from Discovery (for Discovery, Animal Planet and The
Learning Channel) and A&E Networks (for A&E Network and History) cited
their strong consumer perceptions in various Beta categories, including some not
announced by Beta ('most valuable,' 'high quality, 'cutting