Shaw Blasts Rival’s Data Pricing


Canada’s second-largest MSO, Shaw Cablesystems G.P., asked its regulator
Tuesday to make telephone provider Telus Corp. stop selling
digital-subscriber-line service at "anti-competitive" prices.

"Over the past five months, Telus has offered at least 18 different
promotions for Internet-access service to customers in Alberta and British
Columbia. These promotions are priced well below Telus' cost of service and
extend beyond reasonably accepted periods of time for promotions," Shaw
Communications Inc. president Peter Bissonnette said in a press release.

Shaw said it wants the government to forbid Telus from offering Internet
promotional pricing at below-cost rates for more than three months at a time and
wants Telus not to offer "competitive service bundles that include local
telephone service in contravention of [Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission] regulations."

Top Canadian MSO Rogers Communications Inc. asked the CRTC in June to bar
telcos from bundling competitive services with regulated ones, like local phone

Canadian MSOs have relatively high cable-modem penetration.

As of May 31, Shaw said in a quarterly report that it had 880,606 Internet
customers, 41.4% penetration of basic customers. The customer number was up 10%
year-to-date -- a performance Shaw called "strong" in a June 17 press