Shazam Automates Its iPhone App

Adds Features Introduced On Its iPad App In May

Matching up with the capabilities added to its iPad app in May, second screen specialist Shazam has tacked on a feature that automatically triggers interactive features whenever it hears a song, TV show, or ad.

When the new “Auto-Shazaming” feature is on, the app creates a digital fingerprint of the audio it hears every several seconds and matches it against the database of recorded music, U.S. television shows and live events, and select TV advertisements, the company explained.

The app is also made to automatically capture the playlist of songs users listen to during their commute, furthering its ability to be a “hands-free” app.

Before the automatic feature entered play, users of Shazam’s iPhone app  were required to press a button to tell Shazam to “listen” for audio cues that, when recognized, would execute the interactive component.

 “The one thing we have with us all day, every day, is our phone. With today’s Shazam update for iPhone, our users can now capture all the media playing around them in the car, at a café, in a cinema, or on a couch watching TV, even when their phone is locked or they’re using it to do something else,” said Shazam Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker, in a statement.

Shazam claims it now has 400 million users in 200 countries and is adding 10 million new users per month.