‘Shear Genius 2’ Blows Out Times Square


New York—The cast and judges of Shear Genius 2—along with the show’s marketing team—gathered in Times Square to promote the second season of the show, which premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Shear Genius 2 partnered with the School of Visual Arts for a marketing stunt, documented in this online photo gallery, to kick off the second-season premiere. Ten lucky art students were selected from the school to create elaborate salon chairs that are fully functional 3-D art sculptures. They created a hair salon on Military Island where all the stylists from the show used the sculptured chairs and gave free blow-outs to any one passing by.

With lines of people crowded into the middle of Times Square to meet the new cast and judges, host Jaclyn Smith and judges Kim Vo and Rene Fris stopped by to greet the masses. They were amazed by the chairs the students created and were testing them out.

The students' salon chair photos were posted on Bravo’s Web site for fans and viewers of the show to vote online or by text for their favorite salon chair. The student who designed the winning chair will receive $5,000.

“I waitressed my way through college, so the idea for the diner sculpture chair (pictured) only came natural,” said Erin Scally, a 2008 graduate of the School of Visual Arts. “I’ve had my work in the public’s eye before, but not like this. This is the most visible claim of work—being in Times Square.”

The stylists were excited to promote the show and admired the creative aspects of the student salon chairs.

“I look forward to the drama that is going to take place during the series,” said Matthew, a contestant on the new series. “A lot of flamboyant personalities are going to come out. You have to be a proficient hairdresser to last, one who can adapt, who has a creative personality and is mentally and physically ready for the challenges.”

Bravo officials said the network devoted a lot of marketing to promote the second-season premiere.

“We increased our spending overall,” said Valerie Brown, Bravo’s marketing director. “We advertised on the traditional media publications but dedicated more to the broadcast and Web compared to usual.”

Fans of the show left Times Square with a blow out, photos with the stylists and a bag of hair products from Nexxus, which will be a sponsor throughout the season.