Shopping Spree with WE


WE: Women's Entertainment will begin stripping a new shopping-spree series
this fall. The network has green-lighted production on 65 episodes of Spend
It Fast
, in which randomly chosen women will be sent on shopping sprees.

The half-hour show, developed for WE by Atlas Media, will run weekdays at 11

Hosted by New York WB 11 Morning Show personality Larry Hoff, Spend
It Fast
installments will be taped on location in New York, Los Angeles,
Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Contestants will be taken by stretch limo from their homes and then
'challenged' to spend thousands of dollars in an exact amount of time at a
retail outlet. Unexpected obstacles will emerge, but if the contestant grabs all
she can within the allotted time frame and budget, she can keep all the items.
If not, she gets nothing.

Current store sponsors include Bloomingdale's Inc. and Linens `n Things