Showtime Adds Penn & Teller


Showtime has ordered 13 episodes of a series starring showmen Penn &
Teller debunking topics like second-hand smoke and television psychics.

The series, slated to bow in January, is currently in production, and it will
feature the duo -- whose critically acclaimed act mixes comedy, magic and the
macabre -- exposing frauds and fakes with their trademark humor, knowledge of
carnival tricks and con-artistry, as well as through hidden cameras and

The show, untitled at the moment, will also tackle big-money health scams,
alien abductions, ghost stories, fake miracle-workers and fad religions.

The announcement comes as the premium channel nears decisions about renewals
and new series.

Sources said Showtime was close to ordering dramas Dead Like Me and
Earthlings as series next year. The former follows the death of a young
woman on her job in the afterlife, while the latter focuses on the choices and
complications of a woman who enjoys her first lesbian experience, then receives
a marriage proposal from her boyfriend.

Out of Order -- a story about a Hollywood screenwriting couple whose
marriage is disintegrating -- may air in a limited-run format, according to

Showtime is also expected to soon make the call on whether to renew freshman

Streetime and Odyssey 5, or whether to bring back Resurrection
for a fourth season. Network officials declined to comment about the
status of the series.

Showtime previously gave the thumbs up for additional runs of Queer as
, The Chris Isaak Show, Jeremiah and Soul