Showtime Launches Affiliate Extranet

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Showtime Networks Inc. launched a new business-to-business Extranet Monday
designed to act as a virtual business office for affiliates that want access to
the premium programmer's marketing materials and schedules on a 24-hour basis.

The new site follows
nearly 100 hours of in-the-field talks with affiliates over
the past year.

They were polled on their online marketing, engineering and customer-service
support needs, Showtime director of online business services Dave Mitchell

'People work strange hours, and they're in different time zones,' he said.
'We don't want to presume people work just nine to five.'

Mitchell's unofficial goal is to eliminate the need for fax machines and file
cabinets by making materials available online that had been sent in hard-copy
form in the past.

Prior to its launch, 50 affiliates tested the password-protected site (

Mitchell said he expects the company to send out more than 10,000 ID codes
and passwords this week, along with the registration kits.