Showtime to Plug 'Xbox'


Showtime Networks Inc. and Microsoft Corp.’s "Xbox" video-game system announced marketing tie-ins that will give new Showtime customers free Xbox games and “starter” subscriptions to the “Xbox Live” multiplayer network.

The promotions (the companies valued them at $100 or more each) start in May and runs through the summer.

One offer gives new Showtime subscribers two free Xbox games. The other provides new Showtime subscribers with one free Xbox game, plus an Xbox Live starter kit that includes a 12-month subscription allowing Xbox console owners to compete with gamers around the world via a high speed internet connection.

The kit also includes a communicator headset for online voice communication, game downloads and exclusive gaming news.

Viacom Inc.’s Showtime Networks and affiliates will support the Xbox initiative with cross-channel TV, direct mail, online and call-center plugs.