Showtime Sets $20M for Campaign


Showtime Networks Inc. said Monday that it will spend more than $20 million
on consumer marketing this summer to help boost subscriber numbers for its
Showtime premium-movie channel.

In the campaign, set to run May 15 through Aug. 31, Showtime will use the tag
line, 'Turn to great entertainment.'

Included in the summer marketing efforts will be a free preview weekend,
direct mail, telemarketing, cross-channel ads and radio spots. Showtime also
plans incentive programs for its affiliates' customer-care personnel. And the
programmer will offer $20 gift certificate for The Sharper Image to cable
customers who submit two months of bills for Showtime or The Movie Channel.

The campaign will help to promote the multiplex service's three new feeds:
Showtime Next, Showtime Women and Showtime FamilyZone.