Si TV Gets ‘Prison Break'


Si TV gets the first off-network run of Fox series Prison Break, premiering it on April 19.

The show, which ran on Fox from 2005-2009, was a stellar performer among Latino viewers during its run, ranking at or near the top of English-language primetime programs in Hispanic TV homes, according to Nielsen data cited by Si TV. During its second season, for example, Prison Break ranked first in these households, ahead of ABC's George Lopez.

Prison Break on Si TV

Terms were not disclosed. Independently owned Si TV targets 18-34-year-old Latinos who prefer their content in English.
The story revolves around two brothers; one has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison.
Latino actor Amaury Nolasco was prominently featured throughout the series' four-year run as Fernando Sucre, an inmate and close ally to the brothers.
Maria Perez-Brown, Sí TV's senior vice president, programming and development, said in a release: "Prison Break

performed extremely well among Latinos when it ran on Fox, which makes us confident it will do well on Sí TV and serve as a tent pole to attract new viewers to our extensive lineup of originals."

Sí TV has launched a microsite dedicated to the series .