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Simulmedia to Make TV Software Available to Networks, Ad Buyers

Move comes with growth of audience targeting
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Simulmedia, a pioneer in advanced data-based TV advertising targeting, is making plans to license its software to media companies, media buyers and marketers.

The move comes at a time when big players in the TV industry appear to be shifting from selling ads based on broad demographic profiles to targeting audiences that either use a particular product or fit a consumer profile that makes them an attractive prospect.

Simulmedia has been creating targeted ad campaigns based on data for eight years and says its technology—dubbed VAMOS (Video Advertising Marketing Operating System)—enables audience buying with what it calls the most powerful predictive analytics platform ever built for TV.

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Other media companies, including NBCUniversal, Viacom and Turner, have been pushing audience buying and have created predictive analytics software that helps figure out what targeted viewers will be watching when a campaign airs.

CEO Dave Morgan says Simulmedia has invested more than $100 million in VAMOS and using the new, external version of the patented system would create a big advantage for advertisers, buyers and networks interested in creating effective ad campaigns.

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