Sinclair Hires Washington Policy Point Person

Rebecca Hanson will be exiting FCC Media Bureau for new post

Rebecca Hanson, who has been the FCC's point person for broadcasters looking to participate in the spectrum incentive auctions, is leaving the commission to join a broadcaster who has signaled it is not looking to participate: Sinclair Broadcasting.

Sinclair has decided it needs a presence in D.C. as it "navigate[s] the challenges and opportunities that [it] will face in the coming years," according to Sinclair President, to whom Hanson will report in her post as SVP, strategy and policy.

Hanson has been senior advisor on broadcast spectrum in the Media Bureau and a member of the incentive auction task force.

The first thing Sinclair will need to navigate in Washington is the FCC's vetting of its various deals, including one to buy Allbritton stations and its WJLA Washington, the ABC affiliate. When/if it is done with those deals, Sinclair will own or operate or provide services to 164 TV stations in 77 markets

Among those that have been working with Hanson on spectrum auction issues is the Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition. "The coalition thanks Rebecca for her many courtesies and we wish her well in her new gig," said Coalition Executive Director Preston Padden.