Six More Modems Certified by CableLabs


Louisville, Colo.-Cable Television Laboratories Inc. said last Tuesday that it certified six more cable modems.

One of the modems is plug-and-play due to its universal-serial-bus connector. A total of seven companies' USB modems have now been certified.

Newly certified modem companies are ZyXEL Communications Co., NetGear, NetGame Ltd. and GVC Group, the latter of which had its USB modem certified.

Two 3Com Corp. modems were recertified, one of which is designed for small-office/ home-office applications.

A total of 27 companies have certified a total of 57 cable-modem products.

USB connectivity is built into most computers being shipped today. Some cable modems can be plugged directly into PCs'USB connections without installing separate Ethernet cards.

"These products performed satisfactorily in the certification wave, but there were certain test results we wanted to verify with additional testing," said Bill Kostka, director of broadband services at CableLabs and head of the cable-modem initiative, in a news release.

"After further validation, our certification board agreed that these products performed at a level that earned certification status," he added.

Certification so far has focused on Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.0 products. DOCSIS 1.1 modems, which enable multimedia services including voice communications, may begin to be certified in August.