Six Picked for GSN’s Calif. Debate


Game Show Network named the remaining participants in its game-style
California-gubernatorial-candidate debate Friday morning, in the process making
the event a six- rather than five-candidate affair.

Contesting on Who Wants to Be Governor of California? The Debating
will be Nathan Walton, son of National Basketball Association star/ESPN
pro-basketball analyst Bill Walton; Trek Thunder Kelly, an artist who wears blue
every minute of every day; Carl Mehr, tomato gardener; and Bryan Quinn,
University of Pacific junior and, at 20, the youngest candidate in the race.

All are running for governor of California -- should Grey Davis be recalled
-- and have organized Web sites with their platform positions. They join
Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman and adult-film actress Mary Carey on
GSN's special.

In a press release issued after the full lineup was announced on NBC's
Today program, GSN said the number of participants went from five to six
because "there were simply too many capable and courageous candidates."

The debate will take place in Los Angeles Sept. 24 and play on GSN Oct. 1.
The winning candidate will earn $21,200, the maximum corporate campaign
contribution allowed by state law.

Kennedy, of the channel's Friend or Foe series, will