Six Vendors Receive EuroDOCSIS Nods


Ghent, Belgium-The EuroDOCSIS Certification Board said it has qualified and certified two cable-modem-termination systems and four cable modems during its first wave of testing.

The interoperability body awarded qualification to CMTS gear built by 3Com Corp. and Motorola Broadband Communications Sector.

On the cable-modem front, the board granted certification to wares from Askey Computer Corp., Dassault Industries, Ericsson Inc. and Technotrend Ltd.

According to 3Com, EuroDOCSIS equipment, which features 8-megahertz channels, offers roughly 33 percent more bandwidth than wares outfitted for its North American interoperability cousin, Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, which uses 6-MHz channels.

The next EuroDOCSIS-certification wave is expected to begin before the end of the month, said Steve Tucci, senior product manager for 3Com's CMTS product group.