Skirmishes Recorded During Animal Planet's 'Whale Wars' Doc


Animal Planet producers may have gotten more than – or just what -- they bargained for in prepping for the upcoming miniseries, Whale Wars.

Over the last several months, Animal Planet officials said producers have been embedded with the Sea Shepherd Society for its annual trek to stop Japanese whaling operations in the Antarctic Ocean. The group, founded by controversial, former Green Peace member Paul Watson, uses radical methods in its attempts to stop the whaling activities.

However, several incidents have occurred during the filming process, notably a pair of Sea Shepherd crew members being temporarily against their will on Japanese boat. Then on March 6, Watson was struck by a gunshot, allegedly fired by another Japanese vessel. Watson, wearing a protective vest, was unharmed.

Both incidents were captured on film and will be presented during the documentary, according to the network. Whale Wars is scheduled for a U.S. debut this fall.

Animal Planet officials expressed thanks that all parties to these conflicts over the last three months are safe and unharmed. The network said it will showcase these events with a journalistic lens, putting the spotlight on this global conservation issue, which has a number of nations at odds over the practice.