Sling TV Launches Real-Time Programmatic Ad Service

Teamed with Adobe on new bid-based TV ad system that can target spots to specific devices, day parts
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In a marriage of the digital and television advertising worlds, Sling TV has teamed up with Adobe to introduce a real-time programmatic TV offering that enables advertisers to target ads to specific devices during certain times of the day.

Adam Lowy,  general manager for advanced TV, digital and analytics with Dish Media Sales, said the new programmatic TV capability is live and offers a new option for Sling TV’s slice of ad inventory.

He said the conversations about a more automated, programmatic approach for ad sales on Sling TV started years ago.

“We’re now working on bigger and better deals with our clients and getting it more intertwined in the product,” Lowy said. “Demand has been extremely high.”

Sling TV, the Dish-owned OTT TV service, is also selling advertising through other methods, but Lowy said the new programmatic platform offers a way for advertisers to efficiently bid on and deliver ads in real-time.

“You have the TV side and the digital side. And this is a great product to bring them both together,” he said.

Another key, new element is the system’s ability for advertisers to target ads at different times on different devices. For example, an advertiser could deliver one version of an ad to a mobile device in the morning, when a Sling TV subs might be commuting to work, and deliver a different one at night, when that same customer might be watching Sling TV on a Roku player or another TV-connected OTT device.

“There’s nothing else out there that has that opportunity,” Lowy said.

Sling TV is initially working with Adobe Advertising Cloud, a demand side platform (DSP) that came way of Adobe’s recent acquisition of Tube Mogul.

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In a blog post about the launch, Keith Eadie, Adobe’s VP, advertising revenue and partnerships, said clients jumped into the new private, programmatic marketplace to snap up spots slotted for Sling TV’s coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Adobe and  Sling TV timed the announcement with this week’s Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

Dish isn’t new to programmatic TV. Last fall, Dish Media Sales entered that game for Dish’s satellite TV service, initially with three demand-side providers – DataXu, Rocket Fuel and Tube Mogul.

That effort is completely separate from Sling TV’s version, which is a “true digital” programmatic TV platform, Lowy said, but noted that the company is evaluating how those platforms might be combined further down the road.