Sling TV Pitches Discounted, Bigger Video Bundle

Cuts price when customers combine core Sling TV service with four ‘Extra’ packages
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Giving subs a way to expand their pay TV bundles for a lower price, Sling TV has introduced discounted access to four of its “Extra” programing packages.

The discount, offered to customers on its core Sling Orange or Sling Blue packages, lets those customers add Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra for an additional $10 per month, compared to $20 per month if they were to buy each of those add-on packs individually.

Sling TV said it is introducing the “multi-Extra discount” as more consumers leave traditional pay TV services but are still looking for a sizable channel lineup without replicating a full-freight bundle that is being marketed by other virtual MVPDs such as DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue.

Under the new packaging options, Sling TV Orange subs will get 70 channels for $30 per month and Sling Blue customers get 80 networks for $35.  Subs that combine Blue and Orange get 90 networks for $50 per month.

“Most people tell us they don’t want the “big, bigger, biggest” bundles that come with old-TV packaging like cable and DirecTV Now,” Glenn Eisen, Sling TV’s chief marketing officer, explained in this blog post. “But, as more consumers leave traditional pay-TV services, we’re seeing a growing consumer segment that is looking for a bigger channel lineup. Because of your feedback, we created a multi-Extra discount for everyone who wants a big channel lineup without the ‘Old TV’ model.”

Sling TV’s shift from focusing only on cord-cutters with a skinny service to larger packages that appeal to a larger segment of the marketplace came up on the company’s Q4 call on Wednesday (Feb. 22).

Offering access to larger, more diverse OTT TV programming options is allowing Sling TV “to attract a much broader audience than we were able to in the beginning,” Roger Lynch, Sling TV’s CEO said. “Plus, we're starting to get past at least the early phase of early adopters and able to attract people who are more comfortable switching to something like this now…We're seeing a broadening in our demographic.”

“I think we’re kind of getting dragged into that,” added Dish chairman Charlie Ergen, noting that products like DirecTV Now and PS Vue are offering lineups that are “almost identical” to those offered by traditional MVPD services from cable and satellite TV operators.

“Maybe it wouldn't be my first preference for how it will go, but I think it's probably inevitable,” Ergen added. “But I think that OTT today is becoming a direct replacement for cable and satellite.”