Sling TV Pitches Discounted TV Antennas

Offered to Subs Who Prepay Three Months
Sling TV -RCA.jpg

Sling TV has freshened up its batch of device bundle with an offer of discounted over-the-air TV antennas to customers who agree to prepay for three months of the OTT-TV service, which starts at $20 per month.

Complementing bundles for the Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3 and Roku 2, Sling TV is offering $50 off antennas from RCA and Terk for a limited time (it was not immediately clear when the offer will expire, but the offer limits one device per new Sling TV account).

With the discount factored in, Sling TV subs can get the RCA ANT1750F for $29.99, and Terk’s Omnitvex model (including the mount) for $79.99.

Sling TV currently does not offer local broadcast TV channels in its bundles (though it hopes to some day), but the new antenna bundles will give subs the economic means to access those signals over-the-air.

Helping customers access OTA TV is becoming an increasingly important part of Sling TV’s strategy.

At CES, Channel Master announced that it had integrated its DVR+ platform with Sling TV. DVR+ is a subscription-free DVR that supports OTT, over-the-air TV tuning, and a guide that stitches them all together.