TiVo Research: Smart TVs Deliver the Fastest Search and Discovery

According to the tech company’s latest survey, it takes 10.3 minutes on average using a smart TV’s interface to find a new movie or TV show vs. 12 minutes for Apple TV
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Like the cure for cancer and Mars exploration, video search and discovery is a science that has a long way to develop. But at least in the current state of the art, smart TVs seem to have the edge.

According to the Q4 iteration of TiVo’s quarterly Video Trends Report, it takes a smart TV user about 10.3 minutes to find a new movie or TV show, and about 9.2 minutes to find a movie or show they’ve already seen before.

This compares to an industry worst 12 minutes for new content on Apple TV.

Notably, Roku (10.5 minutes) and Amazon Fire TV (11.2 minutes) rank Nos. 2 and 3. That’s probably not surprising, given that the two device ecosystems also power a high percentage of smart TVs sold in the U.S.

For its Video Trends Report, TiVo surveyed 6,145 adult TV consumers in the U.S. 

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