SMI: TV Ad Spending Down 2.4% in November

Cable revenue up 6.4%; Viacom back on the uptick

Lower ratings on NFL football — and four fewer games in the month — hurt TV ad revenue in November.

Advertising spending on cable TV was up 6.4%, but spending on broadcast networks fell 10.6%, according to the latest figures from research company Standard Media Index.

Overall television ad spending was down 2.4% for the month

The November declines followed NFL-related revenue increases for the networks in September and October. There were four fewer games televised in the month, which reduced spending. But on top of that, networks have had to give advertisers makegood commercials to cover some of the lower ratings games have generated this season.

Among cable networks, ad revenue at E! jumped 24.1% and HGTV’s was up 15.1%. Viacom's, following seven quarters of declines, rose almost 10% in November, while ESPN’s was down 8.4%.